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Tapare, toh comprehensive just one thirty day period jaka every day aame jete bi opportunity mile khelare lagi jau. Kebe bathroomre ekathi gadhou toh, ketebele sandhyare ghare eka thile chhata upare.

Complications frequently final result from traction to or discomfort in the meninges and blood vessels. The nociceptors may be stimulated by head trauma or tumors and trigger headaches. Blood vessel spasms, dilated blood vessels, inflammation or an infection of meninges and muscular pressure could also stimulate nociceptors and lead to suffering.

Mami pa dutoke fak kore amar samne dhorlo.nijer mukh theke kichu thuthu niye gud choose malis kore bollo ne dhoka ebar.ami amar bara choose dhukiye dilam mami er gud e .diye thap marte laglam.mami er mai dutoke eki sathe dabate laglam.mami chitkar kora suru korlo..bokachodaaa jore chod na.

Initial tike lipsku touch kariki neijiba. Aau jete bele mun tadputhibi, setebele very first mo upper lip ta pare mo lower lip ku toffy parika chusiba aau majhire majhire halkasa Chunk deuthiba.

sethu ame ta pare pura langala hei blue movie dekhi dekhi rati two ta three ta parjyanta maa pua ginha ginhi helu.mun pray di thara aau se chari thara jhadi gala sethu maa pua semiti langala hei kundha kundhi hei soi padilu.

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Moon pacha rili possibility sabu kan kan. Se kahile 1st option hauu chhi doodha, 2nd alternative heuu chhi gandi, 3rd option hauu chhi mo otho. Moon kahile mote jaha sabu thoo bhala lage seta ta selection re nahin. Se pacha rile mane. Moon kahile je mote tamara sabu possibility bhala lage hele aau gote jinish achhi jouu ta ki mote sabu tharu bhala lage.

Ami mami ke ebar bollam tumi kutta er moto hoye jao.ami dhokachchi pechon theke.Mami orokom hotei ami pechon theke dhukiye dilam amar bara ta.

Here is the most up-to-date Oriya shayari published on teddy day, 2016. This odia shayari is devoted to all...

A variety of features help it become additional very likely the headache is because of probably harmful secondary brings about which may be existence-threatening or trigger extended-phrase damage. These "pink flag" symptoms implies that a headache warrants even more investigation with neuroimaging and lab assessments.[6]

Ohh bou papa kalabele absolutely free re dekhei diea. Bou sadhiku khuli mo front re thia hele aau mu bi nangala heli. Bou basiki mo banda ku chusi chusi khaile aau mu bou doodha ku dhari daluthili. Mo banda ku bou masta kari chusi chusi khauthile aau mo gua ku dalu thile. Banda bou patire hard heiki thila. Bou thia heiki godo ku khatare rakhilaru bou bia pura mela heiki mo akhi agare rahila.

People who find themselves more susceptible to expertise migraines with out check here headache are those who have a relatives historical past of migraines, women, and girls that are going through hormonal changes or are getting birth Regulate capsules or are prescribed hormone replacement therapy.[twenty]

Aaahhaa mo baaandddaaa banda mo banda. Bou garam bia bhitare tike limited neiki dhire dhire pasuthila. Hele bou pura naa purei tike tike press karuthile aau baharakaruthile. Hele mo banda tike bi bend naa heiki thia heithila aau bou bia ku aste aste utha pakka karuthile. Aaaahhhhhaaa pasigala. Mo banda pura bou bia bhitare pasigala. Bou banda ku chadi mote semiti aste kari kundheiki soile aau dhire dhire gandiku utha pakka kale je mo banda bou bia bhitare pasuthila baharuthila.

Ami to anonde pagol er moto obosta.Ami bollam thik ache mami tai hobe.tar por ami mami er pacha ta dhore fellam.aste aste tipte laglam.mami dariye chilo.ami mami er sari ta soriye dite laglam.mami bra pore chilo na.

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